All the housekeepers on Fox & Magor's books execute their work to an extremely high standard. They are subject to the same rigorous background and reference checks, and are able to drive, plus speak excellent English. Our housekeepers cover every stage of house cleaning and maintenance: from deep-cleaning to specialist cleaning, daily maintenance, organization, closet organization, liaising with  vendors, grocery shopping, as well as laundering and running errands.


A house manager role is modeled on that of a European style butler.  It can oversee all domestic duties involved in the maintaining of a household. The level of involvement and the range of services vary, depending on the size of your household, but generally the role involves services across the board of estate management. The benefit of having a house manager on staff is to alleviate you from the day to day management of your household.

Sample list of services:

• staff training, discipline & management

• supervising other household contractors such as gardeners, painters & contractors

• manage funds allocated for the upkeep of the household & grounds

• wardrobe management

• wine cellar maintenance

• light housekeeping

• household errands

• antique & silver care

• guest reception & service

• vehicle maintenance



An Estate Manager are experienced and highly competent people who manage the every day running, as well as the overall financial and logistical coordination and management of one or more properties.  


Sample list of services:

• hiring, training & coordinating all staff needs for the estate

• errands, supervising household vendors & schedules

• supervising all grounds maintenance & renovation, as needed

• financial management across multiple properties

• guest reception & concierge services

• special event coordination & supervision

• maintenance of all estate records


A 'domestic couple' is a husband and wife team who live at your property, or offsite, as caretakers whom undertake a variety of household needs. The wife of the team can often take on personal assistant responsibilities, for example: housekeeping, helping with childcare, managing the other staff and cooking.  Plus they generally plan the day-to-day running of one's home. The gentleman often manage house maintenance and take care of the cars, both the cleaning and driving of them, plus they can offer a security detail if needed.


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